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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  September 24, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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shy away from controversial topics. >> next, the pope will come to new york city for a trip that will include seven stops. streets will be blocked off around each of them. this is a live look at 5th avenue. streets are closed around saint patrick's cathedral where the pope will ride in an open motorcade before leading evening vest spears tonight. >> -- vespers tonight. we have a team of reports starting with rob nelson live in the nation's capitol. what a day. >> >> reporter: indeed. by d.c. standards, this was an extraordinary morning. the first time that a pope addressed a joint meeting of congress ever in american history. it was incredibly powerful speech that praised the past and used -- urged leaders to use the golden rule in saving the future. >> reporter: congress was
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by the pope himself to be better. >> >> reporter: in a wide ranging address fueled by both compassion and a sense of shared humanity, the pope evoked president lincoln and martin luther king junior in a call for america to continue to dream big and have heart for all. the pontiff did not shy away from politically sensitive topics including crisis across europe, the death penalty, climate change, immigration and gay marriage. >> relations are called into question as the basis of
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only reiterate the importance and above all the richness of family life. we, the people of this con continue meant are wrong to be fearful of foreigners. most of us -- . [ applause ] because most of us were once foreigners. [ applause ] >> reporter: the pope talked about the plight of the poor and troubled youth urging lawmakers to show caring and heart and to follow the golden rule. >> this rule points us in a clear direction. let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. >> reporter: the pope was
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for at least a morning this political lion epps den was -- lion's den was tamed by a higher power. >> god bless america. >> reporter: a really extraordinary morning. the early analysis was this speech was more progressive than conservative. he came out against the death penalty and abortion as well. something for everyone. this speech will stir up d.c. as these speeches tend to do but a more remarkable moment was on the other side of the capitol where at least 50,000 people gathered outside to watch the speech on a screen on the opposite side we could hear the roar of the crowd. the pope came out on the balcony after the speech and asked tens of thousands of folks pray for me and waved and saved god bless america. extraordinary day unlike any we have seen here. reporting live from the
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channel 7 eyewitness news. >> amazing indeed. another live look at the pope. he is at saint patrick's church. he is meeting with 300 of washington's homeless. he will bless the statue of a homeless person. you are looking live once again at pope francis among people there. amazing. it was house speaker john boehner that invited pope francis to speak to congress. the speaker, who is roman catholic got emotional at several points during the pontiff's visit to capitol hill as many of us have seen. the last 20 years he asked the sitting pope to speak before congress. francis was the first to accept his invitation. boehner has gotten teary-eyed at a number of moments that we all witnessed. >> that's for sure. let's go back live to washington. you can see the pope making his way to saint patrick's church. he will serve 300 homeless people outside that church.
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you can see the excitement. he is trying to get close to the people, posing for selfies and making himself available to anyone in the crowd. you know he has a soft spot for children when he has that chance. there will be a large tent providing shelter for more than 50 tables to feed 300 homeless there and the representative for the pontiff said he will be acting in many ways like the matter d -- at this. there will be carrots, potato rolls, plenty of stuff to enjoy. about 70 volunteers from catholic charities are there to help out. there will be music playing, a very festive moment, of course, the focus on much of the trip is toward the homeless, the needy and here he is having a chance to meet people up close and in person. amazing. we will continue to follow the
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latest on the trip toward that moment where he does participate in that event. again, as we watch this, we are less than five hours from the pope's expected arrival in new york. he is scheduled to touchdown at kennedy at 5:00. at 6:00 the motorcade will travel on 5th avenue then lead the evening prayers at saint patrick's cathedral around 6:45. people are already gathering around saint patrick's ahead of the evening prayers referred to as vespers. the area is shut down and only people with tickets can line the motorcade route. n.j. burkett is live in midtown with his report. >> reporter: the security in midtown is like nothing i have ever seen. we are at the corner of 49th and sixth avenue. this is about two blocks from the cathedral down 49th then up on to 5th avenue. that's where the cathedral is. people are going to check in, hundreds of people will check in here for the pope's first
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which is, of course, the prayer service at saint patrick's. they cannot possibly accommodate everyone in the cathedral. if you want to watch the motorcade on 5th avenue, you need a special ticket. security got real serious real fast on 5th avenue this morning. hundreds of police officers and federal agents took up positions outside of st. patrick's cathedral more than six hours before pope francis was expected to arrive in midtown. as cardinal dolan left his residence to supervise the last minute preparations. >> you will be there, i hope? we will be looking for you. >> reporter: many of the pope's most devote followers will not be there. in fact, they won't even catch a glimpse of francis. this 87-year-old came from new jersey to watch from 5th avenue only to find an 8-foot metal fence and a sign saying she couldn't stand there.
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she begged officers to let her stay and was told she couldn't stand anywhere near the cathedral. it was heart-breaking. >> it's not fair. it's not fair. he is coming to see the people and the people want to see poppa. he wants to touch the people. >> reporter: how does this make you feel? >> makes you feel sad. i want to see my pope. >> reporter: >> he likes contact with the people. he likes that. he know like this. we are in jail. no see the people, no? >> reporter: you can see the security here. we are two blocks from st. patrick's's cathedral. you have trucks to protect from car bombs and officers with special i trained dogs.
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the security is tighter and tighter. we are hours from the pope's arrival. 6th avenue is jammed for blocks. police are everywhere and, as we said, 5th avenue is completely shut down around the cathedral. live in midtown, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, n.j. let's get back to washington. right now the pope is meeting with the homeless outside the saint patrick's church just beginning. he will bless a statue of a homeless person then he will serve about 300 homeless people. part of 65 programs throughout the area of washington where they get served by catholic charities. the pope's visit coming at a time when the district is committed to tackling homelessness. shirleen, back to you. >> all right, david. security is tight in new york as we saw with n.j. both mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton say the planning was seamless.
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jim hoffer is live in central park with that part of the story. jamaica? >> reporter: game time for the nypd, secret service and the fbi. all of the months of planning, endless hours of emergency drills and it comes down to about 39 hours during which time from land, see and the air it will be about protecting the pope. hours away from the pope's arrival in the heart of manhattan is barricaded fenced in and closed off. a security posture never seen before, even by new yorkers used to safely hosting world leaders. >> necessary. nobody does it better than we do. new york being the capitol of the world we have the most practice doing it. >> reporter: sources told us in the remaining hours before the pope arrives here, the fbi, secret service and nypd are throwing all their counterterrorism resources to tracking downey potential threats. >> they are tasking their
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confidential informants to go out and be the eyes and ears, if you will of the joint terrorist task force if there is a viable threat against the pope that they need to react to before the pope arrives. >> reporter: this evening, it's expected that the pope will ride in the open air popemobile down 5th avenue from around 56th street to st. patrick's's cathedral. the entire area is in visible lock down. >> there is so much going on behind the scenes which is key. >> reporter: 6,000 additional police on duty. 40 miles of barricades and many frozen zones. a reminder from the mayor that told dray clark the pope will be well protected. set aside your worries and enjoy this up lifting moment. >> the nypd is up to the job and i think it's important to
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note this will be an incredibly energizing moment for the city of new york, inspiring moment. >> reporter: from the time the pope touches down at j.f.k. until he leaves saturday morning, we are told there will be at least one f-16 fighter jet flying over the skies of new york city at all times. for now in central park, jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, jim. there it is stepped up security on the east side of central park around the residence where the pope will stay. the streets near the home on 72nd street are closed which means neighbors need to make adjustments. that's where we find eyewitness news reporter saffon kim. >> reporter: we have heard it all week from nypd and the secret service, they are ready for the pontiff's visit. let us show you the picture out here. this is 72nd street, residence where the pope will be staying tonight and tomorrow night.
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it is completely blocked off to traffic with the barricades there. the police presence is highly visible. 100 informations in f -- officers in this one block. this is a residential neighborhood. so, the pope's visit is impacting residents on the upper east side. neighbors spoke to say they feel it's the right amount of security, they feel safe and so far it's been manageable getting around. >> i think it's a lot. i travel the subway every day. every turn you see the cops. it's good. >> reporter: it hasn't been difficult getting around? >> no, so far no. i don't know about tomorrow but so far it's great. >> kind of exciting. the pope is coming. that is exciting. we will stay home the rest of the day. >> reporter: those residents have great advice. don't drive if you don't have to. also, as expected, it's a bit more difficult getting across down than up and down the streets.
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he will are river after delivering mass at st. patrick's cathedral. they have to show two forms of id to get to their homes. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you so much. we want to go back to st. patrick's church. an event is happening under a tent. pope francis is meeting with hundreds of people. that includes 300 homeless in washington. he will serve them meals and get to meet them one on one. amazing moment. you can actually see that event is over and pope francis is in his vehicle and, guess what, he
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a man is under arrest for the murder of a cab driver in the bronx. police arrested nicholas sanchez at his home. he is being charged with murder,ing manslaughter, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. police say he shot barry mamadou over the dispute of fare. two police officers are recovering after crashing their cruiser in queens. it happened after midnight on the grand central parkway when the cruiser lost control near astoria boulevard. both officers are expected to be okay. a motorcyclist was hospitalized after slamming into the back end of another police cruiser blocking traffic. the death toll is rising from a deadly stampede at a religious pilgrimage in saudi
12:17 pm
arabia. 700 people outside of mecca are dead. almost 1,000 more are injured. this happened in a tent city that is used for the islam major hajj pilgrimage. this is the deadliest stampede in decades. a new chip on credit cards is supposed to stop fraud. >> there maybe one thing standing in their way. >> as we go to a break, here is
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like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. we take you back to washington, d.c. pope francis is, i believe, on his way to the residence. he was with about 300 homeless people at an event outside of st. patrick's church. we have video of him, i think this is it, of him blessing a
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homeless statue at the site. >> 300 were fed at the the very overnight by 4:00 he will depart from joint base andrews and at 5:00 p.m.
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meteorologist bill evans is joining us. this activity is surrounding the pope. we noelle get her around 5:00. nice day around here. >> no doubt. as it should be. tune time clear skies. a lot of boat traffic. a lot of tugs, a lot of barges, boats. it's busy. look at the humidity dry. temperature 76 degrees. an east wind outside. here are the headlines. summery this afternoon. temperatures 10 above normal. cooler tomorrow and saturday. a close call sunday with rain but that might be way down south around cape may, new jersey. j.f.k. 78. 79 morristown. temperatures are jumping up and we have a lot of sunshine and clear skies all the way back to the great lakes. it's sunny, warmer for the afternoon,ing 82. 10 above normal. tonight 62. looking at 50s in the suburbs. 40s well north and west.
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tomorrow another great day, 76, breezy, cooler. saturday we have 76 trombones with sun and clouds and we got sunshine. a few more clouds on sunday, 72 degrees. we warm back up to 80 next week. it's dry into next week. >> sounds good. thank you, bill. before the break, another quick picture of the pope francis in washington, d.c. you see the motorcade making back to the pope's residence. the cloud are wanting to get a quick look, take a picture. >> amazing moment for these people to witness this, even seeing his motorcade is enough to get him excited. he will get some much needed rest or at least we hope so. >> we hope so. >> heading on that plane to new york at 4:00.
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welcome back to "eyewitness news at noon." you are looking at a live picture of pope francis greeting the crowds waiting for him outside the papal residence after a busy and historic day. it began with an address to the joint meeting of congress then 11:15 after that he was part of an event to feed the homeless. he blessed a statue there and now, as you can see, as he gets ready to prepare for his trip to new york city, he is spending more time with the crowds that gathered outside the pope's residence. >> this is the place where hopefully he will get rest before he heads to new york. he had a busy day.
12:27 pm
the meeting that he had earlier with those people, the catholic charities, the homeless and here he is again just waving to the crowds. he met with some young people. i'm sure they felt like this was worth it to stand outside the residence. that was just a historic moment for these people. >> one of the things happening a lot, he is doing selfies as he comes next to them. then it spreads the message virally. you can hear the crowd chanting his name in the background. washington. what he had to say to congress earlier, not afraid to touch on the hot button issues. he will meet and greet people in new york when he gets on a flight at 4:00. they call it shepherd one, the federal aviation approved call sign for the american airlines flight heading to us. we will continue that coverage when he arrives here. hello again, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot.
12:28 pm
many across the nation watched the historic speech in front of congress and the pontiff did not sway from political issues. he gave both parties plenty of things to applaud. pope francis became the first pontiff to address congress. 50,000 people watched on monitors outside the capitol as the pope talked about climate change, the death penalty, marriage and helping refugees. >> reporter: students in the tri-state area watched the speech in school. teenagers in chelsea in their gym this morning glued to the big screen tv. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson live outside the school in chelsea. tell us more? >> reporter: the bleachers were full during the pope's historic address, you could hear a pin drop except for the occasional applause of the 7 to 800 students who hung on to francis' every word. the president of this all boys school in chelsea felt it was important for the kids and
12:29 pm
staff to watch this unfold but it didn't just end here. the president of the school is encouraging the crowd to take the pope's message and keep talking about it, keep discussing the principles he laid out. this hope watch event was one schools across the country. it in. was optional. the large crowd is a testament to who these young men are. >> young men who are engaged. they think about what is their fate -- what does their faith ask of them and their citizenship. this is a way to enter into that reflection andy a log. >> in the end -- and dialogue. >> i like how he unified congress. it made me feel good. >> i think when he mentioned thomas and martin luther king,
12:30 pm
i think he respects us very much and we respect him so much, too. >> reporter: now, those six very lucky young students you are looking at from xavier are heading to philadelphia. they were chosen by lottery to represent this school. saint joseph's prep in philly is hosting delegates from roughly 60 jesuit high schools in the country. they will attend all the events there and they hope to meet the pope. later on eyewitness news, you will hear from those young men. one student at this high school who will be inside saint patrick's. tonight he tells me it is a dream come true. for now live in chelsea, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kemberly. catholic schools in manhattan will be closed for the pope's visit. here is a look at the schedule. 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. in a motorcade on 5th avenue at
12:31 pm
at 6:45 he holds prayers at saint patrick's cathedral. there are road closures around the cathedral that started at 10:00 this morning. this is a live picture from road cam 7. here is a look at a map. these streets will be closed until 9:00 tonight. the pope's visit will give some people a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the pope. one man will get that chance friday in east harlem. he couldn't be more different than the pontiff. different religion, different backgrounds but a shared vision. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer talked to him earlier this week and he has the story. >> one is muslim. the other is catholic, from different backgrounds, too. but when he meets pope francis, both will share a unique experience. >> necessary to have love sharing and unity.
12:32 pm
reception here at our lady queen of angels in east harlem for 150 immigrants served by catholic charities. -- >> reporter: tortured and imprisoned, this native of guinea with 40% of his eyesight disabilities. he attended a conference two years ago to learn if he returned to guinea others threatened to kill him. alone in new york city, speaking no english with no home, no job, he turned to catholic charities. >> we help with food every now and then and metro cards sometimes and then when something is coming up. >> reporter: he was helped with immigration so his wife and three children can join him here.
12:33 pm
>> you have to hold tight, be strong, things will get better. >> reporter: quite excited about this once in a lifetime experience, he believes his muslim faith shares a similar message of peace and helping the down trodden with those of pope francis. >> we expect that the pope will bless us in good health and a better life. >> reporter: as two very different men seek to find a common bond. reporting from midtown, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we look forward to that meeting. a programming note, we will air this evening's prayer service with the pope live from saint patrick's cathedral. sade baderinwa will there at 6:45. we have you covered on air and online. you can find the information you need to know about the pope's schedule and traffic disruptions. we want to turn to
12:34 pm
remembering the life of yankee's legend yogi berra. remembrances and condolences pouring in today. >> his family held a news conference outside the yogi berra museum in new jersey. anthony johnson is live in little falls with that. anthony? >> reporter: it was some news conference. to tell you the truth, they were in -- if they were still inside talking i would probably stop the report and go inside and listen. they showed so much insight and information about a man that so many here love, respect and we all love yogi about to hear the stories about such a warm and amazing. so, this morning, yogi berra's son and granddaughter provided us with highlights of one of the greatest leaves anyone can live telling us that yogi treated everyone the same no matter if they were the ceo of a major corporation or a taylor, no distinction. stories about growing up in
12:35 pm
great father and not realizing that their dad was a great baseball player when they were younger. they didn't call him yogi, they called him dad. they talked about the rift with george steinbrenner. it could have ended quickly if george would have apologized for firing yogi in person, if he had come to him in person and done the fishing. they talked about his friendship, the opponents on the right side of the color line when it wasn't yet socially accepted and, they duplicated. authentic. insight into a life that was amazing. >> he never saw larry or i play baseball but he never missed a hockey game, a football game, larry's basketball game. he was so there for us when the season ended. >> reporter: now, we understand
12:36 pm
that the funeral service will be private for the family but next thursday, at this location, on the campus of montclair state university at the berra museum, there will be a public service. everybody will be invited to that. that will be taking place next thursday. that is the latest from little falls, new jersey,ing anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. yogi was born in st. louis, lived in new jersey but he is the ultimate new yorker. >> what an icon. in the race for president, donald trump at odds with fox news. >> plus, what once was a phone call has turned into a real phone call between russia's president and elton john. >> also, the new chip on credit cards is supposed to prevent fraud but what if a business
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12:38 pm
police are searching for the man that stole from a synagogue in queens. the suspect is accused of stealing a collection box from beth gabriel synagogue. it happened during the ten days of repentance. if you recognize the suspect,
12:39 pm
new at noon, after getting pranked the first time, vladimir putin following up with a real call to singer elton john. the kremlin confirms that he called sir elton john today. he apologized for the russian comedians that impersonated him in an earlier call saying they were harmless fellows. the frank pretended that putin wasn't to discuss gay rights. today he told john he is willing to meet and discuss any topic. in the race for president, donald trump says he is done with fox news. no more interviews, no more talk shows. trump is boycotting box because it is unfair and unbalanced. >> trump turned his anger on carly fiorina. >> she is fighting to raise money and her business career
12:40 pm
was a disaster and nobody wants to say it. they say you can't say that because it's sexist. >> leadership is not about how big your office is, how big your title is, how big your airplane or helicopter or ego is. leadership is about service. >> meanwhile, fiorina had nice things to say about hillary clinton. she said she has empathy for a woman working all out and doing her best. on the money, you have probably seen the new gold chip on your credit card? it's supposed to prevent thieves from swiping your information. starting october 1st, if businesses don't have technology in place to read the chip, they will beliable for any fraud. the electronic transactions association says the high-tech chip can't be duplicated by criminals like magnetic strips. gender gap in the workforce.
12:41 pm
research is taking a look at why more women don't hold top jobs at companies. the results may surprise you. >> two women in line at a
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
why don't women hold more top jobs, companies? a new study says that's not what women want. at fortune 500 companies, women account for less than 5% of ceo's and less than 15% of executive officers. a new study from the school says more women than men view high level positions. one parenting expert says it could be that women would have to miss more time with their families. 76 degrees. boy, this is a pope-tastic kind of day.
12:44 pm
you know what i'm saying. >> it is absolutely gorgeous outside. we have low humidity, temperatures are going to drive up to the low 80s. it is pretty. it will be very nice as we go into the evening for the pope's arrival. it will below humidity. temperatures are comfortable. light breezes. nice weather for the afternoon. sunshine, blue sky. 76 degrees. dry humidity. east wind at 8. this points to a nice afternoon. pressure 30.33 holding steady. that is strong high pressure over the area. temperature 76 around teterboro. 73 to 75 down the shore. middletown warmed up to 81. some of the inland areas will warm up faster than the coastal sections. everybody will get to near the 80-degree mark this afternoon to about 82 inland areas away from the coast. we are looking at sunshine up the hudson river valley to the ohio valley and to the great lakes. what we will be watching is a
12:45 pm
might bring us clouds and showers on sunday. for the evening, 6:45, temperatures 71 degrees. tomorrow sunshine, 76 degrees, perfect weather for the papal visit. 82 this afternoon. high-pressure ridge slides south and east out of canada. that will bring cooler, drier air in here. dry as it is. but it will be cooler, a few clouds. but this high-pressure ridge will make it nice across new england and throughout the northeast. clear skies tonight. 50s in the suburbs. 49 north and west catskills and northwest new jersey. tomorrow breezy, sunny, goes a little cooler. a few clouds, 76 degrees. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. saturday clouds and sun. low 64. sunday clouds coming. lee goldberg will be here "first @4:00." he will talk about what sunday will hold. looks like the storm system may stay to the south. we get clouds off showers around cape may,
12:46 pm
delaware, pleasant sun is shine -- sunshine for monday. sander 80 tuesday. back up warming to near 80 about 8 degrees above normal. these next two weeks are a transition period between up and down temperatures as we settle into fall. >> the drought is a concern, afternoons i like it, we need rain. >> close to 8 rainfall. letter that is a lot. >> thank you, bill. >> much needed.
12:47 pm
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don't wait. call now. hi, everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. later on eyewitness news, pope francis is scheduled to land at j.f.k.
12:50 pm
we will be there for his arrival live and be following the motorcade down 5th avenue then after that evening vespers at saint patrick's cathedral. the arrival means a lot of street closures around new york city. those are happening right now. we will have all of that as well beginning on "eyewitness news first at 4:00" then at 5:00 and 6:00. it's a busy day today. >> sure is. we got you covered. thanks, appreciate it. a check of the feed, stories getting shared, liked on facebook and twitter and instagram. >> we begin with a woman's agonizing story, remembrance of the day she lost her husband and son a year ago. a drunk driver killed her husband and 1-year-old son and left her with serious injuries. her post tells the story of her pain and loss. letter it went viral and now she hopes it will put a face on the impact drunk driving has on all of us. >> important story to put out there indeed.
12:51 pm
guys, if there is one kind of person i don't like, it's mean people. >> mean? >> oh, yeah. >> i'm with you on that. >> after sharing a story on facebook, a michigan's woman's experience with mean people is getting shared across the internet. diane was in line with her toddler at a could have knee shop at her town in eastern michigan. she heard two women behind her refer to her as a whale that needs to eat. the insult, especially stung because she recently lost 177 pounds, good for her. despite the hurt and the tears, she told the cashier she would pay for the women's coffee. she wanted to set a good example for her children talk about class. >> good for her. that is good. the pope is making history, he is making history somewhere else, social media. isn't that something. >> he has been nicknamed the selfie pope but he never used a
12:52 pm
in spite of that and through technical help he has a twitter account. >> i follow him. >> i do, too. >> he approves the tweets and is followed by 22 million people and i'm sure more on the way. he is the most retweeted leader in the world. >> eight languages or so in different twitter accounts. making sure to get the message out.
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